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Welcome to Ecuador, the middle of the world, and to its top university

The Escuela Politécnica Nacional (EPN or National Polytechnic School) was established in 1869 and is ranked by the national accreditation board as Ecuador’s top university. Ecuador is a safe and mega-diverse country comprised of Highlands, Coastal and Amazon regions as well as the famous Galapagos Islands.

EPN’s mission is to cultivate conscientious, solidary, and critical academics and professionals in engineering and the sciences who contribute to social wellbeing. Interacting dynamically with other actors in Ecuador and the international community, EPN strives to generate and spread scientific and technological knowledge in a socially-responsible way.

The University’s 10,000 students study across eight faculties: Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Exact Sciences (Mathematics, Physics), Systems Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Geology and Petroleum, Chemical Engineering and Agro-Industry, and Administrative Sciences. EPN also has a School of Technical Studies, an active Social Science Department and a Continuing Education Centre (CEC-EPN), which is the largest language-course provider in the country.

The University’s diverse and ever-expanding course offerings along with its advanced facilities, reputation, and community links make it an ideal destination   for student and faculty interested in visiting Ecuador and the Andean region.

Establishing a new partnership with EPN

EPN is eager to further internationalize its research activities and to support student and faculty international mobility through new collaborations with partner universities. Please contact Herb Terry, the Coordinator of International Programs and Services, to discuss new partnerships: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Customized programs

EPN is dedicated to responding to our international partners’ and student’s interests and is able to develop customized study abroad programs. Customizability can relate to the following aspects of a study abroad program:

  • Curriculum: All of our course offerings are available to exchange students. Additionally, however, it is often possible to open classes (in English or Spanish) suited to your needs or to receive a professor from your own institution along with a group of students to lead a pre-defined program of study (independently or with support from EPN faculty).
  • Extra-curricular activities: EPN realizes that a major draw for incoming students and academics is the geographic and cultural diversity of Ecuador. OIPS can help arrange volunteering, internship and travel experiences that complement classroom study with real-life experience in this mega-diverse country.
  • Duration: Customized programs need not follow EPN’s usual semesters. Stays of different lengths can be arranged and take place at any time throughout the year. Semester-exchange students, however, can also receive support in accessing opportunities for extra-curricular learning.

In many cases, tailoring programs will not imply special costs. In some, however, costs may be incurred through the expense of organizing these programs. When dealing with partner universities, such costs can be offset by arranging reciprocal benefits for our outgoing students. To discuss your ideas and our offerings of customized programs, please contact IPSO.

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